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WEM Academy strives to provide opportunities for anyone to be empowered with the five fundamental joys in life. By applying the fully individualized and adaptive learning methodology, we aim to bring the most practical and life related education to everyone and make learning a fun, no-waste lifetime accomplishment.
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  • Urban Arts City Tour Workshops


    Berlin is as known as internationally of its street art that is packed with visual images, colorful graphics and countless event posters on every corner. Street art is not only a special kind of art, but also combines the expression of one's own opinions, criticisms and reflections on society, politics, economics and visual youth culture. Nowadays, Street Art has long since transferred in the design of advertising, graphic and product design. Street art is part of their life world and, of course, belongs to the city scape. Although Graffiti and Street Art are present everywhere in Berlin, many Berlin children often do not know the political and historical dimension of this art form.

    This project Offers three different workshops for children and teenagers in the district of Pankow: the workshop "Street Art Mapping", "My City as a Playground" and "Cutting-Spraying-Painting". Through the workshops, the children not only learn the story and concept of street art, but also actively express their own thoughts about their everyday life, school, district or city with the art form of street art. After the workshops there will be an open call for all children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 12 in Paris, Brussels, Berlin and additionally in China, where the resulting Street Art works will be presented in a joint touring exhibition.

    We want to prepare kids for their Street Art Submission to the Urban Arts International Competition! So we are offering 6 different workshops.

    Each workshop will cost 30 Euro for a parent and a kid (together). All materials are included in the price.

    If you register and complete 3 or more workshops, you can participate in the Urban Arts competition for free. If you register for all 6 workshops you can compete for free and have a further discount of 20 Euro for one workshop.


    Location of all the workshops: WEM Academy Thulestraße 44, 13189 Berlin


    Participants start with a map of the district of Pankow, and learn about the history of street art in general on an excursion, and learn the local context of urban graffiti with concrete examples in the district. What stories, ideas and opinions represent these pictures and texts? And how does this street art interact with the space, buildings and passers-by around it? The participants get a new access to their familiar environment and get to know their city again. In the workshop, the participants not only gain knowledge, but also draw their own unique map of Pankow, which reflects their experiences with street art and is itself a small work of art. 


    TOUR A*: 17.11.2019 (SUN): 13:00 - 15:00
    TOUR B*: 24.11.2019 (SUN): 13:00 - 15:00

    *Both tours must be completed to finalize this workshop.


    In street art, adbusting (visual interventions in advertising in public spaces) is a simple and popular way to comment on creatively images. With the billboards or posters on a street corner as a basis, the children playfully create a new context, a parody or they manage to create beauty, where previously only commerce, through imaginative interventions and supplements. The workshop takes place at WEM. A part of the space will simulate a public street with advertising. At this the participants can express their ideas and thoughts as adbusting with drawing and collage techniques.

    08.12.2019 (SUN) 13:00 - 15:00


    In this workshop the participants get to know very different artistic street art techniques. Colombian street art artist Juan Camilo Alfonso will give participants an introduction to street art in Berlin that inspired him, introduce and explain his applied techniques, and then work with participants to create a piece of street art! At the end all participants will present their share of the jointly created street art and exchange views on the process of creation.

    WORKSHOP A: 01.12.2019 (SUN) 13:00 - 15:00
    WORKSHOP B: 15.12.2019 (SUN) 13:00 - 15:00
    WORKSHOP C: 22.12.2019 (SUN) 13:00 - 15:00


    Street Art City Tour Workshop
    Select as many workshops as you would like. Remember, for the street art mapping workshop you have to pick one Tour A and one Tour B.


    This project focuses on Street Art, which is nowadays considered as an outdoor museum - an ideal window for knowing a certain city in terms of its culture, it's history and vibe. We hope that with our activities, our participants have the chance of seeing different aspects of Street Art and the colours and vitality that it brings to our city. We are looking forward to work of arts from our little artists, who try to describe some city and express his or her feeling towards that city, which could be his/her hometown or somewhere he/she traveled to.

    This is an Exhibition and Competition that will give kids the opportunity to have their Street Art exhibited in three big cities in Europe: Paris, Berlin and Brussel!

     The winner of the competition will have their work be printed into a collection book and have the opportunity to be invited together with popular Street Artist to co-produce and have their work hosted in an international Exhibition in China next year!

    Paris Competition:01.-02. Feb, 2020
    Berlin Competition: 08.-09. Feb, 2020
    Brussels Competition: 15.-16. Feb, 2020

    Kids (ages 5-12) can apply directly to the competition with 50 Euro participation fee and can enjoy all the Master classes at the exhibitions in all three cities (Berlin, Paris, Brussel).
    Time of Registration and Submission: From now on until 7th February, 2020. Applications can be sent via post to our address: Thulestraße 44, 13189 Berlin, can be dropped off or you can apply directly below.

    WEM Academy has just launched the "Urban Art City Tour Workshops Series" that will help kids explore more about Street Art and aid them in creating a Street Art piece for submission to the competition.  Find out more about participating here.

    Are you the ages between 5 - 12?

    Do you love creativity and street art?

    Do you know the deadline is 10. Jan. 2020?

    Styles & Materials

    You can use: 3D, tag, bubble, block, sharp, brush, sticker, sprinkler, stencil, paper film, coloured drawing.

    They can be: realistic, abstract, cartoon, landscape, figure etc.

    The materials chosen for creation are not limited: painting, sculpture, photography, video, mixed-material.

    About Our Judges

    We've invited five expert judges in each city. First we start in a number of Chinese cities and then we make our way to Europe in Brussels then Paris and finally Berlin!

    Our judges include professional street artist, researchers and professors who study street art or public art, experts from museums and galleries and more.

    Selection Process

    Each entry will be posted on the organisers official WeChat accounts. Voting will begin on day of posting.

    The number of counts for each entry will be counted as part of the score and will be added to the total score.
    During the exhibition, each visitor has one vote and can vote for his/her favourite entry.
    The judges would look at all the entries and chose TOP 10 best works together, which are original, creative and match the theme.


    WEM Academy

    European Children’s Art Alliance

    French-Chinese Cultural Exchange Community

    Miaou Paris

    Yidée ACCK Belgium

    Participation Rules

    Limitation of the dimensions, material and format:

    - The art work can be a piece or a series.

    - Each work should come with a picture of a corner of the city, where you want to present in. Show the reason and the connection of your works and the city.

    - Format: the style and technique are not limited, can be 3D, TAG, Bubble, Block, Sharp, Brush, Sticker, Sprinkler, Stencil, Paper Film, Coloured drawing etc; Realistic, abstract, cartoon, landscape, figure etc.

    - Material: the materials chosen for creation are not limited: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video, Mixed-Material.


    - Painting and photograph: maximum 210x290 mm,

    - Sculpture: maximum 60x60x180mm, the weight should be under 1 kg,

    - Mixed media: maximum 210x290 mm and 1 kg,

    - Video: maximum 10 minutes.

    Each Work should be with a copy / photos of digital version, please submit as a PDF file and the picture of the city (see the second point) in CDs or USB.


    - Avoid any dangerous, flammable and explosive materials

    - The front side of each entry could not be marked with any information, signatures or signs. Once the information of the participant is visible or the size of the entry is larger than the specified size (related details in the file for participants), the committee has the right to cancel the eligibility of the participant.


    Deadline is 7th February 2020
    Once you have filled in the sign up form below, please send your child's submission to info@wemacademy.de

    Kids Street Art Competition
  • WEM Academy Camps

    Upcoming Camps

    The WEM Academy Camps are multi-day kids camps that enrich:

    1. Language
    2. Body Movement
    3. Painting
    4. Technology
    5. Cooking & more

     Our camps consists of specific themes every day, covering a wide range of dynamic activities. Kids will increase their feelings of aesthetic livelihood through experience-based learning, e.g., listening, observing, and expressing themselves. In the English-German bilingual environment, kids will learn to share and cooperate with others and make their individual WEM Diary of the camp. You can choose for your child to participate in one day, multiple days or for the whole duration of a camp.

    Each camp will have a specific theme but the activities will focus on: music, sports, dancing, language learning, mathematics, technology, painting, creative arts, shopping, cooking, museum visits, book reading and presentation, theatre/musical performance training.

    Please register below to get detailed Camp Programming and Requirements Info!

    Christmas Camp

    23. Dec. 2019 - 03. Jan. 2020

    Winter Camp

    03. - 07. Feb. 2020

    Spring Camp

    06. - 10. Apr. 2020 + 13. -17. Apr. 2020


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